Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Unity of Minds

The unity principle is the basis for all great achievements and the foundational stone for major important issues in all human progress. Whether it is individual progress or collective progress it provides the key to the attainment of great power. Unity is defined as an alliance of two or more hearts blended in a spirit of perfect harmony co-operating for the attainment of a definite purpose.

The key to its power may be found in the word harmony. Without that element, collective effort may be co-operation but it will lack the power which harmony provides and because of this it will be called co-ordination of efforts.

This means that when people are trying to accomplish something together it does not mean that in their hearts that they are in harmony with one another. There are people trying to do things with their hands but inside their heart they are not in harmony with one another.

This means they are not speaking the same language on that issue. But the key to real corporation building and enterprise development is that the people must be in harmony. They may not have any money, but in their heart they are one with one another and are saying the same thing.

With every specific choice that you make a limiting factor leaves your life and a greater expression of God enters your life until you have in your inner circle only the people that you choose to be there. Therefore, start making definite choices in your life because you need to make them. If your inner alignment does not go with it let it go but be true to who you really are...Pastor Poju Oyemade

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