Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Faith of Araham versus Self-Reliance

We need to understand that there is something known as the faith of Abraham.(Romans 4:13-19) It is not self belief, it is not self confidence, it is not fronting and it is not mind over matter.

In His covenant with Abraham God made a basic promise and through this same covenant He restored to humanity what Adam had lost. In this covenant one of the things He restored to humanity was that once more we got the world back as our inheritance. When God created man, He created us in His likeness after His image and gave dominion of the earth over to man. He said, ‘ let them have..’,(Genesis 1:28) which means God has given us dominion over all things, over everything that moves on the earth man had dominion over it.

The most fundamental question that is asked now in order to attack the faith of God is, ‘if God is all powerful and loving why does He allow the world to be in its current state?’ What we need to understand is that it is not God that permits things to be this way but man.

This is because God gave dominion back to man. God is not in control of everything that goes on in the earth. It is explained further in the following verse of Scripture, ‘if my people that are called by my name will humble themselves and pray. Then I (God) will come in and heal their land.’ (2Chron 7:14).

When God gave us dominion it came with a clause (law) i.e. you will eat of the tree of life but you will not eat of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. A lot of people today unknowingly partake from the tree of good and evil through unconscious actions.

They say that based on the knowledge that they have they can decide and know what is good, bad or evil for them. Essentially they are stating that through the knowledge they have acquired it has now made them independent of God i.e. independent of praying to God, talking to Him, and dealing with Him on a daily basis. With this they sometimes create their own system and live by their creation.

Unfortunately, the day you eat of that fruit you die and your nakedness will eventually be revealed.

At no point in our lives must we think that we have sufficient knowledge to live independent of God. In the faith of Abraham there is absolutely nothing like that, we discuss everything with God and hear what He intends to do concerning those issues..Pastor Poju Oyemade

Thursday, May 21, 2009

One Step at a Time

When we have needs and we take them up to God, we must ask Him what He has on His mind about this particular need. Based on our with Him covenant that He tells us exactly what He wants us to do in that particular situation. He directs us on the certain steps He wants us to walk in and what His intention is manifested in our lives.

This faith walk is much more than acquiring knowledge and thinking that the knowledge is enough therefore you do not need God. The faith of Abraham is based on certain steps. It is based on our relationship with God and our discussions with Him. What this means is that if we walk in this faith then the promise of having the world as our possession and having dominion over all things will materialise in our lives. This also means the global perspective about our lives will be established. We must understand that it is not through the law but through the righteousness of faith.

The first thing about this faith is that it quickeneth the dead. (Romans 4:17a) Secondly, that it calleth those things that be not as though they were. (Romans 4:17b) Thirdly, that against all hope it believes in hope that he will become the father of many nations according to a promise was given to him, ‘so shall thy seed be’. (Romans 4:18) The fourth thing about the Abrahamic faith was that it was not weakened despite the circumstances (Romans 4:9). What this literarily means is that when he looked at his body which was a hundred years old, he held on to his confession and did not stagger at the promise of God through unbelief, but he strengthened himself in faith giving glory to God. The last thing was that he was fully persuaded that it was not him that was going to do anything about it but God. Abraham knew that God was able to do everything that He had promised without any human involvement. The Patriarch understood that without tampering with the circumstances and having done everything stipulated by God that it would happen. Thus, haven taken these actions I am not going to do anything on the outside, because God is able (by Himself and without my assistance) to perform and to produce in my environment what He has promised.

The faith of Abraham means that you should walk in the steps of that faith that God has shown and taught you, knowing that God will manifest those things by Himself without your interference in anyway. We commence this journey with God’s promise to inherit the earth (Genesis 1:28) but He will take you one step after another to enter into it’s fullness... Pastor Poju Oyemade

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Role of Desire in your Faith Walk

The Bible tells us that faith is the substance of that thing that you hope for (Hebrews 11:1), but the entire journey starts with desire because desire is a very powerful thing. We find Jesus Christ saying, whatsoever things you desire (Mark 11:24), this means this is what takes you in it is the desire inside you that you begin with.

You do not start out with how much (or little) your resources are, you do not cut the dream to fit the resources around you. You do not look at the probabilities. We found out that those principles work and even when we are unaware that they are they were working.

Do not forget that these principles work, keep confessing the Word because it works, when it seems as if it’s not working, continue. So cut your desire according to the dream that you have, not according to your resources. If you cut it then you might bring yourself to a place of probability, where hearing and sight has failed.

The starting point of the application of faith might seem like you’re whistling in the wind i.e. what you are reaching for is so far-fetched that it’s seemingly impossible.

If God came to you and told you that it is what is on the inside of you i.e. what you really want to come to pass that will the only clause is it must be heartfelt because it is the heartfelt feeling prayer of a praying man that makes much power available. (James 5:16) It is the emotion there that gives life to every principle that you are going to practice the passion that is in your soul is actually the vitality that you need. In everything you do somebody else will also do it and get results.

Thus, in everything that you do the first thing must be passion it is very important because the Bible says that it is the anchor to your soul. What this means is that even though you are not taught any principle, that ‘thing’ is still pulling your soul. Even though you are told to dream and focus on something else, it is there pulling you to concentrate on it. The ‘thing’ is trying to get your attention it is an anchor to your soul. It is sure and it is steadfast inside you...Pastor Poju Oyemade

What faith is and how to get it

Faith is the substance of things hoped for. It is priceless it cannot be compared to silver or gold. For everything we have seen in the material universe (all forms and organisation of life) actually came out of this spiritual substance called faith. Heb 11 vs. 1 says it is the substance of the things that you hope for and the evidence of things that you do not see.

And we understand this that through faith, the world was framed by the Word of God. One translation says that faith is the assurance that what you fondly desire is finally yours. This means that when faith enters your heart, something dawns in your consciousness that guarantees your desires. There is a substance inside that gives you that information it imparts the necessary knowledge to you.

Faith is the substance that brings about the materialisation of your desires. This substance was what Paul saw in the crippled man at Lystra (Acts 14:8-10). Prior to this time, there was nothing the crippled man had in himself to actually cause him to walk. However, when he heard Paul preach, the substance was imparted to him. The Bible says that Paul perceived that he had received the substance to be made whole. Paul told him to rise up and walk and the substance infused the crippled legs. So, in the pursuit of the manifestation of our expectations, the emphasis should be on faith and how to obtain it.

Romans 10:17 explains the method of obtaining this substance . . . faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God. The ‘Word’ in this verse refers to the Rhema of God i.e. the spoken word from God to you at a specific time for a specific situation. So then faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God. So, it tells us this is how faith actually comes. That these folks heard and that what happened is that they heard a Rhema out of the mouth of God. Many people could have been listening but certain individuals’ inner ears were opened up and they actually picked what God was saying in particular about their situation and so they received that Rhema from God.

This is the reason why the disciples told people that whatsoever He (i.e. Jesus) tells them to do, that they should ensure they carry it out. In these modern times it is what the Spirit of God in you tells you to that you must do.

With that said, it must be re-iterated that faith cannot be born when a man does not have hope or a desire, because faith is the substance of things that you actually hope for. This means that a man first of all has a desire then faith comes to substantiate that hope. So first of all there has to be a hope and that hope is the desire that is within your spirit. Sometimes, you have to pray to find out the desire that is in your spirit as against what you think, based on external influences. So take time to pray to purify your thoughts.

Take time to pray to actually clear up those things that are within you and let the light begin to shine. The Bible speaks about Moses that it entered His heart, it was not something that arose out of jealousy or peer pressure. It was something that was in his spirit, you will discover that there are things that are lodged inside your spirit that you did not have a clue about when you set this process into motion... Pastor Poju Oyemade

Birthing Your Dream

In order to deliver that dream on the inside in its time, without having to violate the process you must first follow your inner compass rather than your clock. Various tests will come from every angle before the dream is delivered. Some of these tests include the test of time, test of friends etc. All these are tests of your patience and the dream inside you.

The angel told Mary, that the Holy Spirit would come upon her and the power of God would over shadow her and then a holy child would be born (Luke 1:31). The sign to the shepherds of the Christ was that the child would be found in swaddling cloths in a manager. (Luke 2:12) The disciples on the other hand were told to tarry until they were endued with power from on high (Acts 1:4-5) during this period they were to stay together offering prayers and supplications, rejoicing and giving God praise.

What you do in the time of patience is to take the thought that you have received from God and start rejoicing and praising Him. Then you start offering prayers over it saying it has been fulfilled as you thank and praise Him for its fulfilment. During this process that has just been described you are also looking for a sign. The reason you are on the look out for a sign is because once you start praying, there is usually an out pouring of the Spirit. Without your knowledge the Spirit will produce a sign i.e. you are going to find a baby. That massive dream or project will come into the earth as a baby and there will be no room in established mainstream order for it.

Therefore if you are going into the inn to find room for it you will not find it. It will be born in a manger, wrapped in swaddling clothes.
Assuming you are confessing a particular figure for 2009 that God will bless you with, just watch out for the baby that will be born outside the inn. Start looking for that sign and the minute you find the project on the earth, the kind of opportunity that does not look like a big, massive main stream idea, the type that does not take you into the courts of established business or make you behave and have that front then you will eventually find it. It says what you are to do is to start working with what you have and start nourishing it.

So what you need to do is to follow peace with all men without having any resentment inside your heart regardless of what happens. It also says follow holiness because that is how you are going to see God. Go to God in the place of prayer, decide not to destroy or violate yourself. Therefore when it is born the purpose of that thing will be clearly defined on the inside of you and you stay with that and follow it.

There will always be tests for the preparation of the blessing. Do not go with the clock, but with that compass. There is something you need to know about the compass on the inside. It might look like a slow start, but when you have passed the test you will make geometric progression i.e. it will be in leaps and bounds and the grounds you cover will not be reversed. If you follow the compass it will never be reversed, the grounds you have taken are forever... Pastor Poju Oyemade