Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Information is what reduces uncertainty.

For any given task the more information you have the more certain would be the outcome of the events. Nothing must be attempted without information on the subject. Take nothing for granted; all are born ignorant on every subject of life. The informed are the studious. Increase your probability of success to the point of certainty by surrounding yourself with books, tapes and with people that are informed.

Every great achievement is a product of a great plan born in the mind of an informed person. If it is on marriage, read. Raising up children, read. Compare notes and exchange ideas through communication. Whatever it is, consciously pray to God for information that would produce a programme of action and then read. Erase all doubt through precise knowledge and then enter into action with boldness. Fortune they say favours the bold. Resist mental laziness i.e. the idea that reading is unnecessary labour.

Information that gives you a programme of action is power. Leave nothing to chance. God is a God of solutions through information. Job said Oh that I was in the days past.... when the candle of the Lord was upon my head and by His light I walked through darkness'. Are you facing challenges today? You can walk out victorious if you give value to information realizing you were born ignorant and you grew presuming you knew. God is not a God of uncertainty and chance; that is religion. God is a God of information and programme.

Are you making confessions today about set goals? Pray to Him for the necessary information that would give you the right programme of action to succeed.. Pastor Poju Oyemade