Thursday, April 28, 2011

SMC, Course 1: Twitter

Tweet like a Bird – An Inquest on TWITTER

Twitter is text based Social Media tool targeted at enhancing communication between people within and across the globe. It has proven itself to be a revolutionary way of sharing information and communicating thoughts and opinions to a possibly infinite population perpetually.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

SMC, Class One – The Power of Social Media

Social Media has fast become the trend of the day across the world and has stamped its relevance in the areas of Social Relations, Marketing, Politics, Education, Journalism, Business, Religion and a host of others. More importantly it has aided the concept of making the nations of the world ONE.

SMC, Class One – The Power of Social Media

In line with some of the information to be shared during the platform, we initiated a Social Media Course (SMC) which started today, so go on over and start learning about Social Media basics in order to fully appreciate and grasp the information to come at "The Platform 8.0 - Thinking Outside the Box"

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Registration for The Platform 8.0 has commenced, go grab your seats now. Its FREE

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Platform 8.0- Thinking outside the Box

The Count down to the Platform has began. 17 days to go First speaker is Jared Cohen Vice President and the Director of Ideas at Google and Adjunct Fellow at the Council of Foreign Affairs United States. topic: Understanding the Technological Revolution. Cohen will broaden our grasp of what technology is capable of and how it can be used creatively and strategically to put u and ur business on the cutting edge.