Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Faith of Araham versus Self-Reliance

We need to understand that there is something known as the faith of Abraham.(Romans 4:13-19) It is not self belief, it is not self confidence, it is not fronting and it is not mind over matter.

In His covenant with Abraham God made a basic promise and through this same covenant He restored to humanity what Adam had lost. In this covenant one of the things He restored to humanity was that once more we got the world back as our inheritance. When God created man, He created us in His likeness after His image and gave dominion of the earth over to man. He said, ‘ let them have..’,(Genesis 1:28) which means God has given us dominion over all things, over everything that moves on the earth man had dominion over it.

The most fundamental question that is asked now in order to attack the faith of God is, ‘if God is all powerful and loving why does He allow the world to be in its current state?’ What we need to understand is that it is not God that permits things to be this way but man.

This is because God gave dominion back to man. God is not in control of everything that goes on in the earth. It is explained further in the following verse of Scripture, ‘if my people that are called by my name will humble themselves and pray. Then I (God) will come in and heal their land.’ (2Chron 7:14).

When God gave us dominion it came with a clause (law) i.e. you will eat of the tree of life but you will not eat of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. A lot of people today unknowingly partake from the tree of good and evil through unconscious actions.

They say that based on the knowledge that they have they can decide and know what is good, bad or evil for them. Essentially they are stating that through the knowledge they have acquired it has now made them independent of God i.e. independent of praying to God, talking to Him, and dealing with Him on a daily basis. With this they sometimes create their own system and live by their creation.

Unfortunately, the day you eat of that fruit you die and your nakedness will eventually be revealed.

At no point in our lives must we think that we have sufficient knowledge to live independent of God. In the faith of Abraham there is absolutely nothing like that, we discuss everything with God and hear what He intends to do concerning those issues..Pastor Poju Oyemade

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