Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Authority in the Word

The power of God is inside His word, this means without Him was not anything made that was made (John1:3). He was there in the beginning and He came to us in the flesh. We beheld His glory and He is now releasing grace and truth to us.

When you start praying, the answer does not come when things change on the outside, but when the revelation comes inside you. There is a peace that enters you and you are amazed at the power of revelation because it wipes out every doubt.

Once you enter into the Holiest of all and revelation unfolds, you do not have to go back because revelation has been granted. The Bible says Christ is the high priest of good things to come (Hebrews 9:11).

Those good things are the promises of God because He is the mediator of the new covenant established on better promises (Hebrews 9:15). No matter the situation because Christ is your high priest, a good thing will come out of it. There is a promise from heaven that will quicken dead things in that circumstance.

Before you run around, get that revelation on the inside and then the next thing is to start calling those things that be not as though it were. This means once you have heard from heaven you must hold the thought captive.

Say the words into your life as though it is an existing reality. Do not talk like it is going to happen, talk because it has already happened. This is because in the spirit realm there is no time, it has either happened or it will never happen.

We need to understand the difference between the existence and manifestation of the thoughts we have. The law about manifestation is that after you have heard heaven on the matter it is settled.

There is no matter that God cannot talk to you about. Once you get the promise on that particular matter the next thing is that you must start calling those things that be not as though they already were..Pastor Poju Oyemade

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