Friday, September 4, 2009

The Quantum Leap

The quantum leap is a term taken from the vocabulary of modern or quantum physics, it describes a phenomenon observed in matter. This leap occurs when a particle of matter makes an explosive jump. It moves out of its circulating orbit in an unpredictable way and moves into a higher orbit. A particle undergoes this process when it moves from one place to another without covering the usual steps or levels. This explosive jump is without any apparent effort on the part of the particle. It’s as though it received a fresh burst of energy from external forces that caused it to make that jump. The quantum leap is also a scientific term for breakthrough. This phenomenon is the principle behind breakthroughs in science that gave rise to computers, lasers, etc.

You can jump into a higher orbit of achievement and improve the level of your performance and rate of achievement. It means you go far beyond the next logical step. It is the concept behind stunning advances. It is about multiplying productivity rather than just increasing it. We all know and have seen people who make that jump in their careers, business, ministry etc. It seems that it happens by chance, but nothing happens that way. What are the principles behind such a leap? If we make compromises and study, we will glean some things. What are the core conditions that must be fulfilled before you can experience a quantum leap?

Change as a Strategy instead of a self-imposed Trap

The moves you make in leveraging your effectiveness in an exponential way are not common place ideas. Unconventional success calls for unconventional methods. They are not difficult but are rare. We are creatures of habit and social creatures we go with the flow and rely on behaviour that has worked best in the past. Once we do something and take an approach that worked in the past we become attached to it. We don’t let go of that habit pattern. We remain with this approach until there is some overdependence on the strategy and tactics involved. Once we get into a social circle, we stay within that orbit, whether it is positive or negative for we are social creatures. You rely on these structures until your performance flattens out and sags, then you start trying harder, putting in more work. The law of diminishing return sets in, the harder you try the less the returns you get from the effort you put in. Faith in the familiar sets the trap of the familiar.

To make the leap, you have to break out of the rut. Overcome your addiction to your old methodology. The quantum leap strategy is based on uncommon sense. People try harder at what they do and know to get a breakthrough. The quantum leap is something you have been keeping from happening and not so much what you struggle to make happen. It is a fresh perspective, a deft move, something different.

Arrested Development and the Trap

A lot of people instead of making the quantum leap when the time comes, they actually arrest their development. Arrested development occurs when you stay with what worked in the past, even when the environment demands a change. People get bitter when the pattern changes. You can arrest the development of an animal by caging it in its youth. When you get offended, you refuse to participate further because it wasn’t played on your terms and your development gets arrested.

We need to understand that adversity brings this energy. The outburst of pace and advancement can come from challenging situations where the patterns have changed. Adversity, should be seen as energy bottled up, begging to be directed for breakthrough results.

To make the quantum leap, you need to start seeing the world differently so that other possibilities that exist can materialise. The principles behind the quantum leap are equations for stunning advancement and fulfillment of dreams.. Pastor Poju Oyemade

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