Thursday, September 10, 2009

Principles of the Quantum Leap

1) Focus.
2) Change your goal into a target when this is achieved your internal resources are unconsciously working 24hrs to find how to make it happen.
3) Suspend disbelief.
4) Rely on unseen forces and pursue your dreams.
5) Learn from your mistakes, you will make some.
6) Build allies understand the power of right relationships and seek them out.
7) Open your gifts (unknown potential).
8) Make your move before you are ready.
9) Do it your way: every action must not be controlled by external forces. You must have a witness within before you act.
10) Recycle the best ideas on earth.


Focus is magical. The things that give great results are always very few. The secret is finding those things that are really powerful and truly pivotal. Those things that make the difference between success and failure, and doing those things only. Care about those things. Care about nothing else. Do those things. Do nothing else, to the extent that you can focus your work and life on the areas where the payback factor is huge.
The principle holds true regardless of the task or challenges at hand. The first step is to figure out the few vital things in any task most things that are done don’t matter, but a few things matter a great deal. If you are given a task, only a few things stand a chance of producing extraordinary results, so focus on those things. The next step is to cut out everything else. We always seem to be short on resources i.e. time, money, etc. we are not, we are just not focused.
Next time you have an important assignment or objective, work out a way to crack it and stop doing anything else. By abandoning the low pay-off efforts, and unrelated activities, you free up precious time you can use to do much more of the things that really matter.. Pastor Poju Oyemade

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