Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Still Small Voice

Text: Acts 12:1-15.
When you pray right about a particular thing you will hear the result before you see the actual manifestation. Remember Jesus said, ‘I will knock, who ever opens the door, I will come in and sup with him (Rev 3:20). What this means is that you will definitely hear a voice. When you respond to that voice by opening the door of your heart, you have walked in obedience in answer to prayer. The Bible tells us not to harden our hearts when we hear the still small voice. Do not look on the outside for results or answers, instead focus on what is going on within because this is where Jesus always begins His work.

He said, go forth, and stand upon the mount before the lord. And, behold, the lord passed by… (1King 19:9) this means that the answer to your problem is passing by in physical manifestation. This is part of the lesson God is teaching some of us. You can start a business a massive investor comes by and shakes the bank, and then you say the Lord has come, but God may not be behind it. That is why you can be talented and gifted but it takes experience to get certain things done. If you do not have experience there are some things you can not learn and as a result, you can not do them. That is why you have to learn in order to have experience, so that as things come your way, you learn. Do not get angry before the lesson is over. You can be gifted or talented but you still need experience. Don’t get angry instead learn.

According to 1 Kings 9:19 God was not found in the wind or earth quake but in the still small voice. In Acts 12:13-14 after Peter had been delivered, he stood at the gate and Rhoda heard the still small voice. The Bible exhorts that in the day of temptation that we should not harden our heart (Psalm 95:8). You will get to a place of temptation where it looks like nothing is working. At such a time the Bible tells us to come and bow before the Lord because it is at this point in time that revelation starts getting unfolded. You will start hearing the still small voice instructing you to make certain adjustments telling you this is the way to go, walk in it. (Isaiah 30:21) When you hear that small voice, even when people say you are illogical at what you are doing, you will constantly affirm that it is so because now you have something(one) within, giving you instructions.

The Word of God that you are confessing is transformed into the voice of God inside your heart. One step after another the still small voice instructs you in the way to go. It tells you what you should change and you must be sensitive enough to hear the voice and make the necessary adjustments. You must hearken to that voice because it will make you a steward forever.

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