Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Instinct and You

The real key to success is following that compass inside you. It is not about anything that anyone tells you on the outside that produces success. A lot of people are stuck in life because the system that tells them what to do and where to go has not been awakened as a result they look on the outside and copy what others are doing. If you happen to have a GPS system in your car and have already put in your destination it would be foolish to take any other route other than obeying the instructions of the GPS system. All you have to do is to listen to what that system is saying to you and then follow the instructions. The issue is to listen to the voice that is speaking within and follow the specific instruction for that particular situation. It may mean that He might tell you to get closer to one person, whilst He asks you to withdraw from another all this is dependent on the individual.

If you have not reached that point in your life where you have discovered the compass then one can say you are living your life based on external trends and formulas. The chastisement of God according to the Bible is to withdraw you from your own purpose and to put the plan and purpose of God inside your heart for a particular purpose/thing.

So once you start making the confession and warfare seems to break out on the out side, the key is to run the race that is set before you. You must find your true north and follow it. Like the shepherds that saw the morning star and decided to follow it it led them to the place where Christ was born. As an individual you need to learn to follow that true north. If you want to get out of the position of stagnancy you have got to be making your confessions, exercising patience (i.e. consistency) with a deep sense of expectation. The minute you connect and decide to live this way (i.e. to hearken to the voice of the Spirit) He starts speaking to you.

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