Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Fulfilling a Goal within your Vision

You need to know and decide on the amount of progress that you want to make in a year. This progress must have an element of breakthrough inside it. An element of breakthrough means, that at a particular point you break into a new realm of life. It is not going to be the fulfillment of the vision, but it is going to be the accomplishment of a goal within that vision. The vision is for an appointed time, but you must know when the goal will be fulfilled. The vision will not come to pass in that year but the goal must come to pass.

God instructed Abraham to start from his current location. This means that you must start from where you are and not from where others are or where they think you should be. Avoid hallucination and face the reality of your current position. From where thou art, then lift up your head and then look as far as you can see, not how any other person can see, but as far as you can see in 2009 as an individual. You have to rejoice with everybody on every achieved goal and don’t feel inferior. But do not, out of a competitive spirit do what you know you cannot see inside, it destroys creativity. So, your vision depends on what can you see.

There is something about the way God created the world that makes the circumstances of life give to you what you have decided in your heart to happen in your life. Follow what you can see deep down in your heart and not someone else’s programme. This is reason you cannot be a financially successful person if you spend money the way other people do. Follow your own financial programme and financial goal. This is how the wisest people behave financially. If you do not have any savings you can not have a financial future. Your financial future is not how much you have spent but how much you have saved. Do not compare yourself with anybody.

The vision is for an appointed time and so there will be increase and during that period there is development and growth. One important thing you need to understand is that if everyone fulfils the demand of faith in the invisible realm, things will begin to happen and there will be more answers to prayers. This is because once that demand is made it sends out a signal, and then people start picking up the thought. Once there is a cry for more, the creative forces go to work and somebody is then raised up with the thought to meet the need.

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