Friday, December 12, 2008

Actualising Goals and Growth

Goal setting involves setting specific goals for a particular year. When others advice you on what to do, you must maintain the goal that you have set for yourself.

This means that the programme you have earmarked must be followed and must not be affected by occurrences in your environment. This desire now becomes the tree of life and creates substance inside you.

A lot of people have knowledge but have not created a platform for the realisation of their goals this is what many Christians lack. You have to create something that can be used as a stepping stone that makes the next level possible for you to attain.

Unfortunately people do not create a platform because they are waiting for the fulfillment of the big vision they have in their heart. Once you follow the goals that have been set you will discover that within a certain period (could be three years) you have been able to accomplish a lot not that you emerged out of obscurity but through following set goals you arrived at that point.

Understanding is the fundamental requirement for the practical realisation of any vision i.e. the practical out working, what you believe is possible this year by your faith. You can dream big, but what do you believe inside your heart that is actually possible.

If you want to find out whether somebody really has practical insight into what they are doing, look for those little things related to what they believe God wants to do. For as the body without the spirit is dead, so faith without works is dead also (James 2:26).

This verse refers to the practical things that you are doing which will demonstrate whether there is substance or not. This means if there is substance inside you for something, there will be a practical demonstration of that particular thing.
There are more challenges involved in growth and increase, than when there is stagnancy. There are more wars as you grow and increase as an individual.

The joy that you derive from progress is the joy of expanding your mind. The joy of learning new skills, increasing your capacity for handling challenges, personal growth and an increased sense of responsibility. It is not about enjoyment or the luxury involved, but rather creating opportunities for people. It is better not to give a blessing unless the individual is ready.

This is because if the person is not ready for the blessing it will be wasted. If you waste an opportunity you will discover how long it is to recreate an opportunity that God has given to you. These are lessons we need to learn as individuals in order to grow as Christians.

There are many people who step out of the intended path of God for their life they are now on a collision course. As a result they invade the lives of others and say things that take them out of the established course of God for their lives.

Do not listen to what others have to say rather follow what is inside your heart. Goal setting means you go from just having a good idea about your life, to achieving goals that people around you can measure - quantifiable goals. People watch increase and see growth the greatest thing is that they see consistency in your growth. An impression of increase that is consistent is one of the most attractive forces people that are observing you... Pastor Poju Oyemade

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