Monday, January 7, 2008

Your Season of Response.

It was Lee Iacocca (the man whom Bill Gates considers a powerful mentor in the American business industry, and who turned the fortunes of an enterprise from a negative spiral to a positive one), who said that the opportunities in life that would take you over, appear like ducks moving upon the waters, at a particular time they come within your shooting range and if you are not prepared before they appear then you will miss them.

One of his powerful keys was to know that the opportunities for change would come and to be ready or he won't even recognize them. Jesus and the entire scriptures teach by word and example that there are seasons when the opportunity to get something done comes your way. It comes within the range of your vision.

If you don't respond during that season, not only do you lose the opportunity, life gets more difficult for you thereafter. The Bible teaches that Life has a way of punishing those who neglect or waste their God given opportunities. It also says that if a man would humbly admit he threw away an opportunity God would give him a second chance. You have a season when you must act upon what you have seen or it will slip.

When concepts, ideas, or through meeting people the possibility of certain things happening for you becomes real, you have got to respond. God doesn't give us the material things we need on this earth directly.

What He does is to create opportunities and we, through the opportunities create a living for ourselves. Life has a rhythm and the seasons have a way of continuously coming i.e. a time to sow and a time to reap, one where you weep and then you laugh, the darkness and then light. It is in the time of weeping that you prepare for the 'new day' and you don't allow the pain of that season to blind you from the possibilities it is pregnant with. It is a time to sow. It is your seeds that qualify you for the harvest.

The seasons always come; it is just that people are not prepared and so they don't see them. Those whose darkness never turn to light, whose sorrows never become the reason for their joy, refuse to put the seed in, in the season of pain.

Their level of interaction with people is at the lowest. Expand your mind and know that the glory of the coming days would exceed the one that went before the darkness set in. You are the architect of the new day. Plan it in your heart; build the design in you and you would see the opportunities around you. The people that can help you to get it done would step into your life. Your first relationship with your future is with your words.

Capture the essence of your future with your words today. Make yourself thank God for the darkness with the attendant pain for without it there would be no tomorrow. Prepare yourself by developing a daily momentum within you through daily confessions (repeatedly speaking words to yourself about the emerging possibilities and events by reason of what you are facing today).

Help all those who come your way while you still might be in pain, distress or unsatisfied with your own life.

They are God-sent angels carrying the air of tomorrow's events. Don't isolate yourself, learn to like people, cultivate professional contacts, develop friendships, Build new allies and be in circulation.

Attend social functions. Relax and forgive. Read new books. People would count more in your road to the 'new day' than cash or ideas.

From the Desk of Pastor Poju

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