Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Create associations and positive affinities

In order to grow, you must stretch yourself. You must learn to struggle against the tide until you overcome the threshold. One of the things we must learn to do is to create associations with people of positive affinities.

If we choose to learn from the progressive and positive people around us then we would grow. We would discover the right state of mind that attracts the best out of life and releases the fullness of our potential. We would see the attitude that wins, the language that works and the right approach. Every season of adversity can be changed if you would allow people with powerful positive affinities to gain entrance into your life.

Do not isolate yourself in times of crisis or choose to associate yourself with people who share the same defects as you and are therefore experiencing the same things, they would only reinforce everything that holds you back. There are people that attract happiness to themselves by their good cheer, natural buoyancy, intelligence and their forgiving attitude.

They are a source of pleasure and when you associate with them you share in the prosperity they draw upon themselves. Use the positive side of this emotional osmosis to your advantage. If for example, you are miserly by nature, you will never go beyond a certain limit, only generous souls attain greatness.

Associate with the generous, and they will infect you, opening up everything that is tight and restricted in you. If you are gloomy gravitate to the cheerful. Cheerful people are natural healers for a merry heart doeth good like medicine the bible says. "Recognize the fortunate so that you may choose their company, and the unfortunate so that you might avoid them.

Misfortune is usually the crime of folly, and among those who suffer from it there is no malady more contagious: Never open your door to the least of misfortunes, for if you do, many others would follow in its train................do not die of another's misery".

Create associations with positive affinities make this a rule of your life and you will benefit more than from all the therapy in the world.

From the Desk of Pastor Poju

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