Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Age of Value Oriented Intelluctuals

The New order in the world is gradually giving birth to an era of value oriented individuals. When we speak of value oriented intellectuals, we mean those who seek to use their intellectual prowess to establish certain values in our society.

They have used their intelligence to succeed to a high degree in the world of commerce and in their careers but somewhere deep on the inside, they aren’t fulfilled with all the material things that surround them. They seek to break out of the trap of materialism and aspire to the greater values such as Social justice, creation of opportunities for the less privileged and other virtues that their moral conscience dictates. In this, they have found a greater task.

The solutions to such social problems require a deeper level of thought than that which is required in acquiring personal wealth through trade. It is this clarion call in the souls of men we try to answer in this edition of The Platform 9.0.

My friend, Anand Giridharadas who is a columnist for The New York Times wrote an article that captures this thought, “Real Change Requires Real Politics”. Somewhere in that article a definition of the purpose of a new generation emerges.

Welcome to The Platform 9.0.

God bless you.
Pastor Poju Oyemade

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