Tuesday, May 31, 2011

5 rules to handle the most challenging situations in your life

The 5 things you must do to handle the most challenging situations in your life?

Rule 1. Its never as bad as it seems or sounds don't escalate the matter with careless emotional statements. Your first words in response, the effect are hard to reverse. Make sure your words are deliberate and calculated to give you the victory that's the first raw material you have to sharpen your victory.
Rule 2:Make God your only source of victory by keeping the matter between you and Him 'in secret'. This secrecy pact is the key to His living presence and answered prayer. Only talk to the person He asks you to if He does at all and it will be one person. To involve others is to give authority to them to shape the outcome every casual word they speak over it would hold. Find rest in God.
Rule 3: Get quiet and surrender. What i mean by surrendering in the face of difficulties is to understand that the real struggle is because you are trying to bend the outcome to your will. As you had little to do with the crisis so u don't know the outcome. Get quiet let go in worship of your plans and stay there until the earth by itself evolves His plan before your eyes. When you see it run with it.

Rule 4: Go out of your network and plant good seeds into others. Focus on sowing new seeds and not on your need. You are never trapped once you can sow a seed. The exact science for advancement when facing a crisis is to sow good seeds, and then go to the throne of grace to ask for favor. Every new day begins with you finding favor in the eyes of man by God. Ur need touches God but its ur seed that moves His hand.

Rule 5: People are infectious. Stay around positive people. They will show you through their right attitude to challenges how to win. Don't forget the battle is over your future Its the predominant thoughts in your mind today that will shape your future. Spend your time thinking not on the pain of the situation but on the possibilities of the future. What you meditate on would eventually appear unto all - Pastor Poju Oyemade.

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