Wednesday, April 27, 2011

SMC, Class One – The Power of Social Media

Social Media has fast become the trend of the day across the world and has stamped its relevance in the areas of Social Relations, Marketing, Politics, Education, Journalism, Business, Religion and a host of others. More importantly it has aided the concept of making the nations of the world ONE.

Social Media tools have changed the way information is created and distributed. We are now fully operating an Information Age and this is because of the limitless nature of the Internet. If we are going to harness the best of this opportunity and if we are going to contribute meaningfully to it; we must be ready to adopt the use of Social Media tools.

Today, your significance and relevance in the world can be measured simply by Googling your name. GOOGLE is the world’s strongest and largest search engine and today GOOGLE leverages on Social Media to throw up relevant information.

At the end of this course you would have received an Education on the world of Social Media which will empower you to establish and/or improve your Digital Influence; which in other words means the relevance of your existence in the world today.

The tools that make up the Social Media kit are endless but we will touch on the most familiar and show you how you can start sharing information that will affect your world. And as we go along, we will all apply the knowledge we gain and implement them on the Course Project; which is The Platform 8.0 using the publicity slogan “Engage The Future”

Course One
Tweet like a Bird – An Inquest on TWITTER

Course Two
What Does Your Face Look Like In This Book – A real glimpse into the world of FACEBOOK

Course Three
The Video Challenge – Visual Content and YOUTUBE

Course Four
Professionals, Networks & YOU – A glimpse into LinkedIn

Course One (Tweet like a Bird – An Inquest on TWITTER) will hit the blog pages today by 5:00 pm, looking forward to hearing your comments about Social Media

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