Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The tongue asset - mastering the negative cycles in your life and flowing into the positive (part 1).

It was Shakespeare that said 'there is a tide in the affairs of man if taken at the flood leads to fortune; omitted, and all of life's voyage is in shallowness and misery'. I guess for any mind keen on making the greatest impact on life, this would probably be the biggest fear or the greatest asset. Understanding this principle well and further, having its interpretation engraved in your heart as a law by your words would give the necessary edge.

Solomon put it this way after looking at all the experiences and that of others he concluded “the race is not been won by the swiftest neither is the battle won by the strongest but those who succeed I can only attribute to what I term time and chance.” There is this 'mysterious' element in all human endeavours that looks like one person was lucky while the other was just unlucky. This 'luck', negative or positive, forms part of what we have referred to as negative or positive cycles. If you get into a positive cycle all things just appear to be working out and well everyone wants to associate with you, get into a negative one and you will understand loss and probably betrayal.

There is that tide that some ride on while others who might be more qualified i.e. stronger for the battle or swifter for the race, miss out of. Every generation of humanity has thrown up its own leaders and its own losers in every field; its own success stories and its own failures. There is always that conscious minority that determines the direction and the destiny of the collective. They are the head and not the tail of their generation. These people ought to be the covenant children of God but unfortunately they are not.

Three things have denied us of this: 1. Religion 2. Ignorance of relevant laws 3. Greed It all begins with a consciousness. Seeing the need to be on top, to occupy and to be in-charge. There must be no sense of guilt or a false religious air of humility in relation to your desire in becoming part of that conscious minority who have determined to rule and determine the direction of the 'rest'. It was John D Rockefeller who said that he had looked at life and seen what great help he could be if he had money and so his conscience permitted him to make money, and then to make more and more. He said, “it was my right. My conscience told me it was my right. Everything was clear between me and the Lord.' If the righteous are in authority the people will rejoice proverbs says, the reason for so much gloom is that the wrong people are in control.

The starting point is this; you would only have as much or be who your conscience permits you to be. There is a divine law which could be said to sound like this, God's mercy would always produce for man what he needs, desires or aspires to be, where his moral judgement or sense of justice is not called to question by his conscience.. Pastor Poju Oyemade

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