Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Essence in Exchange for Results

To be able to get tangible results in life you must start the process by stirring up your spirit. (2 timothy 1:6-7) Once the spirit is stirred up you then continue by meditation. You read the Word, confess it and think upon what you have read. This is the process of meditation and you are effectively giving the right substance in exchange for the result you desire.

During this period God begins to unveil what has been deposited through the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus. Through confession of the Word access is granted to these mysteries. Thus, meditation and confession of the Word causes a revelation for the situation (i.e. Rhema) and the necessary steps to take unfold.

It is not about begging God, but rather about appropriating what has been done in Christ. The bible says in 2Corinthians 5:18 …and all things are of God, who has reconciled us to Himself by Jesus Christ, and has given to us the ministry of reconciliation. You must remember that it is your confession that determines your personal experience with God. So when a situation emerges in your life it is the words that have been spoken (consistently) prior to the time of prayer that determines the outcome.

When you personalise the gospel, you become an example to others and the covenant is made flesh in your life. If you do not try to bypass this process you will always produce lasting results that will stand the test of time... Pastor Poju Oyemade

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