Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Talk Right and be Rewarded

Any man that does not talk right, cannot pray right. Don’t bother praying if your words are wrong it is a waste of your time. That is why it is called the prayer of faith. Jesus said whosoever shall say to this mountain…(he shall have) whether in or out of prayer whatsoever he is saying (Mark11:23). God will never do anything through you without your faith. So if you want to involve yourself with God then your words must be right so that in the day of judgement - every idle word that you have spoken will not be used against you (Matt12:36). If you will consistently say it, you will find the seed that will get you there. You must protect, grow and develop your seed. Every successful man on earth has a seed that they grew from, but there has to be a life long commitment to that seed through your confession (daily conversations).

We know that the word is choked by what you say consistently i.e. things you desire of the seed. You need to spend more time talking to God. Start declaring those things and your heart will focus on them. Don’t let your environment deceive you. Don’t go around visiting, stay in one place and build your seed. If you build and focus on your seed you will stand out. When you are chasing other things, what it amounts to is simple disobedience. When God is involved with you there is one central relationship that is required to take you to your destiny, not many. One central relationship and connection that will propel you Joseph did not get to the throne by knowing many people. It is the seed that God gives you that should be the confession your lips. Put God’s Word on your lips.

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