Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Prepare for High Performance Tasks!

There are times in your life when there will be tasks that require high performance. At such times, you need to perform at optimum level. And because of the demand placed on you at such a time, it is possible for you to get stressed because of the perception that you do not have access to the mobilization of sufficient resources to meet the demand.

However, as Christians, we ought not to find ourselves stressed because the Word makes it clear that we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us (who supplies the resources for me to do all things) Phil 4:13. Therefore, we shouldn’t harbour any perception of not having sufficient resources at our disposal. We will however not see these resources, being physically manifested, when we are in our comfort zone. As Jesus told Paul, God’s strength is made known when our infirmities are unveiled. It is when we are at our wit’s end that God’s covenant is most significantly manifested.

Therefore, if we do not welcome challenging situations, we are never going to truly experience God’s grace.One challenge most people face is the ability to mentally lay hold of the resources made available to us in Christ even when it seems that there is a dearth of such resources in our immediate environment. One classic example is when demands are placed on Christian employees by their employers in their workplaces.

Deadlines are given to all employees and results are expected. Because of the lack of knowledge, most employees (Christians and non – Christians alike) get jittery and blame their frustrations on their bosses when actually Christians in such organisations should rise up at such strategic points in their lives and bring the essence of the Christian walk to bear on their work.The essence of this walk is that when demands are made on us, we should lock into the supernatural in a practical way and unveil the immense treasure which God has kept in us from the foundation of this world.

The unveiling of this treasure is what is known as God’s glory. We should therefore take pleasure when such demands are placed on us because when perceived and handled properly, they usher in seasons of great growth and of learning the secrets and laws of life.

Pastor Poju

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