Monday, December 24, 2007

Get a plan of action.

Four things are essential towards evolving a right plan of action.

1. The principle of the seed faith. This is the point at which you plant your faith in God as a seed in the earth. The earth always brings forth that which is sown into it. It has this powerful law built within its system at creation. You can plant your faith like a seed that in turn would guarantee the release of God's ability working out on your behalf, the events that would lead to the realisation of your goal.

God gets involved with your project at the point at which you plant your seed. Many people wonder why God doesn't appear concerned about their needs, bills, dreams or expectations. God doesn't appear to be at the centre of their lives, He appears not to 'know' them and unable to make contact with them at the point of their needs.

They have ample 'evidence' in their personal experiences and all around them that testifies to this fact, for example the sufferings of humanity in various locations of the earth. There is the principle of the seed faith without which no one can really understand God's approach to things. Jesus at the beginning of His ministry quickly called the attention of the Jews to this law.

He said 'were there not many widows in Israel in the days of famine, when Elijah was sent by God only to the widow at Zerapath'. How come it was only to the widow at Zerapath God appeared concerned? Jesus asked them to think deeply about that. The fact that God saw many single mothers in Israel dying with their children and He could only send Elijah to one, the widow at Zerapath.

He desired to help all but could only reach one. He loved all but could only reach one. Thousands died while God watched and waited. What made the widow at Zerapath different? She understood the law of the seed faith before she lost it all. She understood that God loves us all but can only bless those that obey His laws. She took out of her need to help someone else in need, thereby releasing God to move on her behalf.

She understood that God could only make contact with her at the point of her need when she decided to help someone else in need with the little she had. Instead of complaining about her situation she planted a seed of faith in God's ability and faithfulness by helping him to get the need of someone else met. God would always respond to seeds sown and not to needs known. Job understood the power of the seed faith in relation to accessing a right plan of action from God.

He said in chap. 29 "Oh for the years gone by when God took care of me, when his candle shined upon my head (flow of ideas) when he lighted the way before me (a plan of action) and I walked safely through darkness, yes in my early years when the friendship of God was felt in my home, when my projects prospered and even the rock poured out streams of olive oil to me.

Those were the days when the young saw me and stepped aside and even the aged rose and stood up in respect at my coming.... because I delivered the poor in their need and the fatherless who had no one to help them. I helped those who were ready to perish and they blessed me and I caused the widows heart to sing for joy..."

From the Desk of Pastor Poju

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